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10 April: Opening Higly Toxic


17 April – 22 Maj 2021

Opening Saturday 17 April 12:00 – 16:00 OBS ändrat datum!

The exhibition is a collective exhibition with artstist from studio spaces;

Since the 60s the industrial area of Norra Sorgenfri in Malmö has been an vibrant melting pot of Malmös artistic scene. Several artist studios rented in old factory buildnings coexisting in a rough synergy with the operating heavy industry on the site. Well into the millenium many of the companies has moved from the area and every year that goes by, a process of gentrification becomes evident. As the industries are moving out slowly the apartment buildings are being raised. Still in the area there are a few old industrial buildings left with artist studios and artist holding on to the area pinning Norra Sorgenfri to Malmös cultural map. In some parts of the area the soil of the ground saturated from industrial waste is still highly toxic. 

Adrian Espinos, Alexander Skats, Anna Hillbom, Annie Eliasson, Anton Finn, Ariadna Mangrané, Elisabeth Östin, Ellisif Hals, Gitte Eidslott, Ingeborg Andersskog, Ingrid Furre, Jenny Berg, Jakob Simonsson, Jan Marius Kiøsterud, Jennifer Meyerscough, Joana Pereira, Johan Lundqwist, Julia Selin, Jon Ek, Jonas Malmberg, Kalle Lindmark, Klara Josefin, Lena Bergendahl, Majlis Agbeck,
Mari Kretz, Maria E Harryson, Maria Jacobsson, Martine Flor, Matti Sumari, Mattias Eliasson, Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard, Nike Åkerberg, Niki Cervin, Niklas Asker, Nils Ekman, Olof Nimar, Petter Dahlström Persson, Silvia Wieser, Susanne Svantesson, Torsten Hylander, Una Holmqkvist.

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