Jordiska ting och stilla betraktelser

Jordiska ting och stilla betraktelser

Solo exhibition at Wip konsthall, Stockholm/SE, 2019.


Film screening
2,53 min loop

Den siste / The last one
Sound installation
Table, hand made of plaster, trunk from a fruit tree, stuffed great spotted woodpecker, sound of a great spotted woodpecker, speakers
Size: 129 x 90 x 71 cm

Tingens bord I / The table of things I
The forest (a stump with model trees), pieces of fruit trees, pine standing in wax hand, legs from moose, one vertebra, slingshot with brass balls, oyster shell with brass balls, bracket fungi in glass cover.
Size: 152 x 92 x 74 cm

Tingens bord II / The table of things II
Rose of Jericho, Rose of Jericho on glas plate with water, two tear collectors of glass, silver root of juniper, the winter hare’s ear resting on a bed of moss, wax hand enclosing a spruce, branch with lichen, silhouette of head looking at the moons.
Size: 146 x 72 x 74 cm

Universum / Universe
Branch, planets made of papier-maché, watercolor, schellack
Size: 150 x 60 x 80 cm

Betraktelser / Observations
Eight collage in a box, watercolor, schellack
Size: 135 x 50 x 74 cm

Tallen / The Pine
Modell tree and branch
Size: 18 x 20 cm

It was the Solar wind that was blowing through your hair at night
Three sonogram printed on cotton paper
Size: 112 x 40 cm

Synoden II
Sound installation, 4 speakers