Skyar – SEAMS consert, Stockholm

Field recordings, SEAMS consert, Stockholm/SE, 2014


Year: 2014-15
Duration: 5 min

The title Skyar (Skies) referring to the sound waves that goes unnoticed and silently moving above our skies. The sound waves are caught between the earth’s surface where they wander around. Many of these natural signals are created by space weather, solar wind, prominences, lightning discharges and geomagnetic storms that create strong auroras.

The piece is based on recordings of so-called VLF signals, low frequency sound in the range between 400 -10000 Hz. The sounds are processed differently in this piece.

About Debris & other pieces

Debris & other pieces is an on going artistic audio project that started in 2003, investigating radio waves in space, infrasound, acoustic phenomena in the atmosphere as well as other sounds we can not perceive with the unaided hearing. This work has resulted in several audio pieces played at electroacoustic music and sound art festivals and/or shown as sound installations. Cooperation has been with INSPIRE, NASA, ESA scientists at the University of Iowa, amateur astronomers in Australia and England and with Örebro University.