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7000 Lashes – GAS Gothenburg Art Sound festival

7000 Lashes
7000 Lashes - Counter
7000 Lashes

Sound installation at GAS 2010, Göteborg


Year: 2007
Technology: pneumatics, compressor, whip, lash counter
Height: 280 cm, Depth: 200 cm

The whipping machine is attached to the wall. The machine will make 7000 lashes during the exhibition, and then it stops by itself. The title refers to a present punishment in Saudi Arabia.

In October 2007 two men have been sentenced by a court in al-Baha in south-western Saudi Arabia to 7000 lashes each for sexual intercourse. The men continued to be at imminent risk of further flogging, possibly in stages, to complete their sentences.


Interview on Kulturnyheterna, Swedish Radio P1 with Martin Albinsson, 31st of October, 2007. (In Swedish)


7000 Lashes (opens in a new window).


Exhibit at

Candyland, Stockholm, 2007
Formverk, Nyköping, 2007
Galleri 21, Malmö, 2010
GAS Festival, Gothenburg 2010
Den vanliga människan, Sjöhistoriska museet, Stockholm, 2010
ÄGD, Sala Kungsgård, Sala, 2013