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Earthbound – Vinterviken Stockholm

Site-specific sound installation, Consert “Pang i bygget”, Vinterviken, Stockholm, 2009


Year: 2009
Technology: Seven speakers, CD player

Seven speakers located on narrow iron rod are forming a circle around a pond. One speaker for each Schumann harmony.  Through the speakers Schumann resonances  are heard and the sound moves between the speakers and then occasionally played in all speakers.

The work was adapted specifically to a small secluded pond in Vinterviken to the concert “Pang i bygget”.

Earthbound is based on Schumann resonance generated by lightning that discharges around the earth. The energy, the electromagnetic radiation, becomes trapped between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface and wander around the earth. The Schumann resonance is between 2-45 Hz, ultra-low frequencies are not audible. Schumann resonance is made ​​audible by a carrier frequency of about 615Hz .


About Debris & other pieces

Debris & other pieces is an on going artistic audio project that started in 2003, investigating radio waves in space, infrasound, acoustic phenomena in the atmosphere as well as other sounds we can not perceive with the unaided hearing. This work has resulted in several audio pieces played at electroacoustic music and sound art festivals and/or shown as sound installations. Cooperation has been with INSPIRE, NASA, ESA scientists at the University of Iowa, amateur astronomers in Australia and England and with Örebro University.