Fjellvind / Mountain wind

Film installation

YEAR: 2018
SIZE: varies
DURATION: 2,53 min loop
DISTRIBUTION: Filmform – The Art Film & Video Archive

A wind is blowing through some lonely trees on a mountain side. Above the horizon, the Moon is resting. In the distance, you hear a faint piano through the wind.

A series of film works made during several years of solo treks in the Scandinavian mountain world where there are no hiking trails or hardly any other human influence. The works deal with and depict the inner silence and stillness that can be achieved in long walks in solitude. In the company of only winds and a single mountain bird, long walks can create deep meditative states where thoughts cease, and inner sound experiences can arise. An auditory hallucination that means that you hear sounds without auditory stimulation.

In one of the films, Fjellvind, I recreate my own sound experience when I suddenly heard very beautiful and tranquil piano music in the distance during a walk. In the work, a wind is heard blowing through some solitary mountain birches on a mountain side. Above the horizon, the moon rests. In the distance, a faint piano piece fades through the wind, which is silent for a moment. The films ask us questions about what the self is, what is consciousness and what are we when our thoughts cease.