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Heart Beat – Platform in Vasa

Heart - Soundinstallation

Sound installation in accociation to the IHME Contemporary Art Festival in Vaasa/Fi, 2012.


Year: 2012
Technology: Media player, four speakers, amplifier, water

In association with the IHME Contemporary Art Festival in Vaasa, the interactive sound installations “I can hear your heart beat” and “Heart Beat” was shown at Vaasa Train Station. Passers-by-people sat down to meet each other in the interactive sound installation “I can hear your heart beat” and to see the ripples of their heartbeat in the water surface of the sound installation “Heart Beat”. The work consists of four speakers; each speaker has a thin vessel placed on top of it, the vessel is filled with water. When the heart beats, the sound waves of the heartbeat spreads on the surface in rare patterns.


Opening 15.3.2012, 2–8 pm
15.–31.3.2012, Vaasa Railway Station
Thursday–Saturday, 1–4 pm.

In association to the IHME Contemporary art festival in Finland the interactive sound installation I can hear your heart beat by Mari Kretz, Platform’s current artist in residence, is shown in Vaasa.

I can hear your heart beat is an interactive sound installation which registers, visualizes and makes the inaudible audible. Two chairs are placed facing each other, next to each chair is a loudspeaker. Two participants sit on the chairs facing each other. Electrodes are placed on the participant’s chests. Their heartbeats are transmitted through the loudspeakers. After a while, both hearts are synchronized, then they return to their own rhythm. An intimate meeting takes place.


The site for The IHME Contemporary art festival’s production, Christian Boltanskis’ The Heart Archive and the recordings in Vaasa is Vaasa City Library. You can participate during the opening hours of the library.


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Platform, Vaasa, Finland

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Exhibit at:
Vaasa Railway Station, Finland, 2012