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I Can Hear Your Heart Beat – Musikmuseet in Stockholm

Interactive sound installation during Fylkingen 80 years anniversary at Music and Theater museum in Stockholm, 2013.


Year: 1996/2013
Technology: telemetric equipment, two speakers, electrodes and amplifier

The interactive sound installation is based on heartbeats and on an encounter between two people. In this work the silent becomes heard and the importance of interaction is emphasised. Three electrodes are placed on the participators breast. The heartbeats of the participators are transmitted through separate speakers. After a few seconds the heartbeats of the participants synchronise for a while, until they found their own rhythm again. An intimate meeting between their hearts take place.

In cooperation with

Bertil Nordström, researcher at Arbetslivsinstitutet in Umeå

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→ Fylkingen 80 years – Festival

Photographer first image: Ulrik Kautsky © 2014