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La Luna – Scenkonstmuseet, Stockholm

La Luna with visitors
La Luna with visitors
La Luna with visitors
La Luna with visitors
La Luna with visitors

Sound installation, Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm/SE, 2017

La Luna

Sound installations

About La Luna
Trees have a complex system to communicate with their environment. It is done with scents, light and chemical signals. Trees are aware of our movements and intentions. In La Luna, we encounter an upturned tree root that rises out of a saloon table. Among the dark gnarled branches hiding skeletons and insects, and this magical scene is viewed by two enormous heads.

Sit down on one of the vacant seats. Touch the plant – the vibrations that greets you is the tree that communicate. You now receive a message from a completely different species.


Participating artists in Kännbart

Resonant Bodies: Julia Adzuki med Sindri Runudde och Teresia Lindberg
Medicinhjulet: Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans
Sök: Nadja Ekman med Walter Enqvist och Maj-Sofie Enqvist
La Luna: Mari Kretz
Drömsamlaren: Maria Luostarinen
Frekvensomfång: Matti Kallioinen
Blå Kongo: Sindri Runudde


Kännbart is both a collaborative, an art project and a traveling exhibition. It is an exhibition that is touring in Sweden with an educational grant for availability and deafblindness. With the help of contemporary project wants to create meetings between the sign language world and the art scene.
ABF Örebro County / WeSign is the principal of the National Inheritance Fund project, in close cooperation with the Association of the Swedish Deafblind (FSDB) and Riksutställningar.