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Outburst – Vågform Festival, Boulognerskogen, Gävle


Vågform festival 05, Boulognerskogen, Gävle (SWE), 2005


Fixed media (stereo), EAM
Year: 2005
Duration: 2,44 min

About Outburst

“Debris & other pieces” is an investigation of acoustic phenomena, “sound” (radio waves) from space and manmade radio waves.

“Outburst” is a sound work made of radio waves, also called natural radio, from space. This sound work is based on electron emissions generated by energetic electrons spiralling along magnetic lines of Jupiter and its magnetized moons, electron plasma and a man-made navigation signal, a rapid clicking, used for reading the winds around earth.

Thanks to INSPIRE/NASA & University of Iowa.



Elektråpark, Fylkingen & Rålambshov, Stockholm, 2005
Vågform festival 05, Boulognerskogen, Gävle, 2005
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