SEAMS consert, Birmingham/UK, 2019


Year: 2019
Duration: 5 min

The title Skies II refers to the radio waves that are unnoticed and silently moving above us in the skies. The radio waves are caught between earth’s surface and the ionosphere. Many of these natural signals are generated by space weather – solar winds, prominences, lightning discharges and geomagnetic storms that create strong auroras around the poles. Satellites and research stations on earth capture radio waves from space. Data is collected and made into audio files, becoming audible, and then analysed by scientists.
This piece is based on field recordings of so-called VLF signals, Very Low Frequency sound in the range between 400 -10000 Hz, but also includes sound fragments of a pulsar (a dying star), the airplanes, television and radio broadcasts and mobile phones that humans produce and which accumulate in the atmosphere.

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