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The Last One + The Atmosphere – Antenn Sound Festival

Den siste / The Last One

Antenn sound festival, Gnesta (SWE), 24th of August, 2019

The Last One + The Atmosphere


Den Siste

Sound installation
Year: 2019
Size: 129 x 90 x 71 cm
Material/Technique: Table, hands cast in plaster, trunk from a fruit tree, stuffed great spotted woodpecker, sound of a great spotted woodpecker, speakers

The Atmosphere v. 2

Electroacoustic composition
Composition based on signals from short wave receivers and from the AM band.

The Atmosphere is part of the audio project Debris & and other pieces, which is an ongoing artistic project that started in 2003 and examines, among other things, radio waves in space, infrared sounds, acoustic phenomena in the atmosphere and other sounds that we cannot experience with mere hearing. The project has resulted in several sound works and sound installations played at electro-acoustic music and sound art festivals and shown at exhibitions. Some of the works have been carried out in collaboration with INSPIRE, NASA, ESA researchers at the University of Iowa, Örebro University and amateur astronomers in Australia and England.

Mari Kretz works in visual and acoustic art; among other things, with sounds and signals that we cannot perceive with hearing. In collaboration with researchers and astronomers, she makes barely noticeable and poetic worlds around us audible. For ANTENN 2019, Mari Kretz brings her sound installation ”Den siste” and ”The Atmosphere v. 2″ – an electroacoustic piece.


Sunday 8 september 12.00-12.45
The event is free – no pre-booking required

At 13:10 min The Last One and Fjellvind.