Mari Kretz – sound and visual artist

I am a sound artist working in the fields of acoustic and visual arts. I work in various multi-discipline art projects such as site-specific installations, sound installations, sound-art, EAM, film screenings as well as drawings and collage.

My projects move in a span between nature, within man and in outer space. I try to make the barely audible worlds that surround us visible. My work revolves around scientific studies of acoustical phenomena in the atmosphere, low frequency radio waves moving around Earth and in the depths of space and also with signals generated by internal organs and the nervous system of the human body.

Working with researchers and engineers, ranging from astronomy to medicine, I visualize the barely perceptible, yet poetic worlds around us. In my recent projects I have worked with field recordings of the ocean, winds and wind vibrations and motion in diffrent materials.


Mari Kretz