Online seminar with the Luleå Art Biennnial, 27 November, 2020

13 oktober 2020
13 oktober 2020 Ye Yee

Online seminar with the Luleå Art Biennnial

Held on 27 November 2020, the seminar will be attended by the artists selected for the tour

List of selected artists:

Alena Tereshko
Alex van Giersbergen & Marloes van Son
Geert-Jan Hobijn
Kirsimaria Törönen
Mari Kretz
Maxim Iliukhin & Boris Lesnoy
Minka Heino
Simo Rouhiainen

”Art Vehicles  explores the Art Festivals in the northern regions in a new, easy and climate-proof way and activates traveling in northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway and northwest Russia. The project improves the accessibility to the regions as well as the development of sustainable and climate-proof transport.”