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It was the Solar Wind – II

Liten våg / Small vawe
Krusningar / Ripples
Gren / Branch

It was the Solar Wind that was blowing through your hair II

Year: 2018
Size: 112×40 cm
Material: Sonograms printed on cotton paper

Sonogram of  signals in the magnetosphere

Sonogram is a form of three-dimensional acoustic charts: frequency vertical, time horizontal and intensity via degree of blackness.

About signals in the very low frequency spectrum

Natural radio is a specialty involving signals of natural origin within the Very Low Frequency spectrum and below. Most of the natural signals are found between 400 Hz and 10,000 Hz. Many of these signals are crated by terrestrial weather (lightning), and others are generated by space weather (solar wind dynamics).

During a geomagnetic storm from the sun, a listener can hear all sorts of signals, including hisses, whistler choruses, and wavering tones and at the same time visual observers are noting strong auroral displays.