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Tyresö Konsthall

Debris - Tyresö Konsthall 2004
Debris - Tyresö Konsthall 2004

Exhibition together with Sofie Weibull at TyrEsö Konsthall (SWE), 2004


Year: 2004
Technology: speakers, media player, amplifier


About Debris

The title of Debris refers to the sound of airplanes, television and radio broadcasts, mobile phones etc. that humans produce and accumulates in the atmosphere. In the sound installation Debris, radio waves from the atmosphere and signals from a pulsar (a dying star) has made audible. The work consists of 7-14 speakers hanging from the ceiling in a circle, creating an acoustic space. Standing in the room, you gradually hear the full impact of space that is quiet and meditative.

Satellites and research stations on earth capture radio waves from space. Data is collected and made into audio files, and thus becomes audible, and then analysed by scientists and artists.

Debris is one of the first works carried out in the multiannual project Debris & other pieces.


Debris – short version (opens in a new window)

Tear Bottle and Tear Collector - Tyresö Konsthall 2004


Tear Collector
Year: 2000
Material: bronze
Size: 40×15 cm

Tear Bottle
Year: 2002
Material: hand blown glas
Size: 20x15x15 cm

The Sun - Tyresö Konsthall 2004
The Sun- Tyresö Konsthall 2004

Super-8 installation, 2004

The Sun

Year: 2004
Technology: Super-8 projector, film, mirror

About The Sun

An never ending sunrise and sunset in a lake.

Utan titel - Tyresö Konsthall 2004


Utan tiel - Tyresö Konsthall 2004